Coach Dean Eoannou

Coach Dean's boxers (four women and twelve men) have won 28 Championships, including New York State and New York Regional Golden Gloves Championships, Golden Gloves National Bronze Medal and US National Silver Medal in Boxing. Wendy Casey was the first female boxer named as Amateur Boxer of the Year in 2008 by Ring 44  Boxing Association of Buffalo, NY. 

Eoannou learned the sport the hard way. As an 18-year-old in the early 1970s, he heard a radio ad promoting the Golden Gloves, a nationwide amateur tournament. It piqued his interest and he headed to Singer’s Gym in Buffalo whose owner, the late Johnny Sudac, trained some of the city’s finest fighters. There, Eoannou spotted Al Quinney sparring in the ring and demanded that Sudac let him take on the pro fighter from Lackawanna, N.Y. “I thought I was the toughest guy on the planet,” Eoannou recalls. Sudac wouldn’t allow it, but Eoannou persisted. He got his chance and Quinney walloped him.

“I missed two punches by a mile. Finally, Al looks at me and says,

‘This one’s on your nose, tiger.’ BAM! He breaks my nose,”

Eoannou says, laughing. “My face was a mess.

And that’s when I decided I wanted to learn how to box.”

Eoannou learned several different styles at Singer’s which helped him when he began training other fighters. He went on to earn a teaching degree from Cornell University, then worked at the Ford plant and continued to train boxers in his spare time. Then came the call from Colt. “I retired at 53 just to do this,says Eoannou, now 61, who has taught a course in boxing at UB, is certified by USA Boxing in addition to co-authoring the e-book “Boxing: Essential Skills” with Dr. Eugene Kern, a world-renowned otolaryngologist who taught at UB. “This is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. This is my passion, to watch these kids start boxing and come out as different people.”

Coach Dean's Philosophy

The coaches essential role is a teacher of boxing skills with the goal of fully developing the boxer's talents and potential. The coach's first responsibility is the boxer's health and well being. Fundamental to success is the teaching of essential skills piece by piece like building blocks; balance, stance of boxing position, footwork, punches, shadow boxing, range, rhythm drills, conditioning, 'Ring Drills', sparring and ultimately, if desired, competition.  Each of the building blocks must be taught by the Coach, successfully learned, accomplished, perfectly reproduced and mastered by the student before the next building block is approached. Boxing is learned. There are no naturals. Mastering each skill is mandatory before proceeding to the next skill. Each succeeding skill functions as an essential building block growing and building the boxer from the "ground" up. 

Coach Dean was honored by Ring 44

Person of the Year 2015

Eugene B. Kern, MD

"Doc” Kern graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Temple Medical School in Philadelphia, trained at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota as a surgeon and then served 2 years as a major in the US Air Force from 1968-1970. Dr. Kern was Professor of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery at Mayo Clinic for 33 years and currently teaches Nasal, Sinus and Facial Surgery at UB in the Department of Ear Nose and Throat. Dr. Kern is not only a respected educator, but also one of the best rhinologic surgeons worldwide. He has contributed greatly to the understanding of rhinologic diseases and is an ear, nose and throat expert. He is a recipient of Mayo's Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Marc  Murphy

Marc's serious interest in photography began during the Vietnam War. While stationed in Southeast Asia he purchased his first good camera and read the directions, "load film, start business". So after a four year stint in the Air Force, that's what he did. Like many, he was mesmerized the first time he saw a black and white print come up in the tray. It's many years later, and he's still mesmerized by the almost unlimited possibilities of photography in its current incarnation.But technology aside, nothing is more important than light and developing the ability to "see". A wise man once said "a photograph is nothing more than a picture of light". And he was right...Marc Murphy

Steven Keough

A technical patent writer with a strong love of sports. Steve is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Catholic University of America, Boston College Law School, and a retired Navy Captain. His interest in boxing goes back to Annapolis, where he learned the basics in the martial arts as part of his overall military training.