BOXING: Essential Skills DVDs

Disc 1 RIGHT Handed Boxer 

Disc 2 LEFT Handed Boxer 

WATCH boxers as they train; from how to wrap your hands to proper positioning to safety protocols. National Champion and 2020 Olympic Boxing hopeful, Wendy Casey and New York State Golden Glove Champion Michael Christopher were on hand to painstakingly walk through their training routines allowing their every move to be captured on film which became a companion to the ​BOXING: Essential Skills book.

The DVD icons in BOXING: Essential Skills inform you a companion VIDEO CLIP is available for study. Eventually you must perform each building block without thinking, almost as a reflex.  Mastering each skill and “Ring Drill” to perfection is your GOAL. Mastering these skills and “Ring Drills” requires many thousands of repetitions--so practice, practice and more practice over a 3 to 6-month period, which allows you to develop superlative footwork and powerful punching skills. These lessons and drills are building blocks where each lesson and drill progresses from the skills taught in the previous lesson. CAUTION: Do not proceed to the next lesson before you master the previous lesson; you are building a flawed boxer. The progressive building block approach to learning how to box presented in this book and DVDs has been successful with both women and men winning numerous regional and state Golden Gloves Championships and national medals for boxing. Many of our champions were not high school athletes but determined students dedicated to learning how to box.