Coach Dean Eoannou and UB Professor Eugene B. Kern, MD

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Teaches “The Buffalo System” of Building Champions

Producing 24 champions: 6 women and 18 men since 2008


Buffalo, New York- Coach Dean Eoannou and University at Buffalo Professor Dr. Eugene Kern of the Department of Ears, Nose and Throat have teamed up for Boxing: Essential Skills. A comprehensive instructional manual on the essential building blocks of boxing, how to become an accomplished boxer and for those interested in the sport of boxing for fitness. The book teaches stance, weight transfer, one of Newton’s Laws of motion, power punching, breathing, footwork, conditioning, plyometrics, offense, defense, “Ring Drills”, sparring and daily practices with 248 photos, 100 quiz questions and boxing performance tests. Also available: two full color instructional practice DVDs for both right-handed and left-handed boxers.


Coach Dean and Dr. Kern are passionate about the benefits of boxing; “We found that after learning to box, both men and women, develop a new level of assuredness, which frequently infuses a new level of self-confidence that extends to other areas of life and stays with you for the rest of your life. Boxing is NOT about punching or “beating someone up”. Boxing is more than that. It is about passion, excitement for life, discipline, determination and heart, courage, integrity, character, humility, confidence and respect; respect for your coaches, your daily practice sessions, your teammates, your opponents, the officials, the sport and sportsmanship but most importantly respect for yourself. It is about your own “self worth”.


At 70 years young, Dr. Kern had always wanted to learn how to box to stay in shape but was not able to find a boxing book that clearly explained the fundamentals. He then met Coach Dean, “if you teach me how to box I will help you write a boxing book." Marc Murphy was brought on board to photograph and video tape boxers as they train; from how to wrap your hands to proper positioning to safety protocols. National Champion and 2020 Olympic Boxing hopeful, Wendy Casey and New York State Golden Glove Champion Michael Christopher were on hand to painstakingly walk through their training routines allowing their every move to be captured on film which became part of the book. Technical patent writer, Steven Keough also contributed to the text.

Parkinson’s Boxing

Coach Dean has applied his successful principles for creating amateur boxing champions to help individual patients afflicted with Parkinson's disease. Focusing  on improving balance and coordinated body movements, Coach Dean, with his dedicated experienced staff including several New York State Golden Gloves champions and a national Golden Gloves champion, has been able to facilitate startling improvements in numerous Parkinson’s patients. Using boxing principles taught one on one, Coach Dean and his team work to restore motion and movement thought forever lost.  

Coach Dean Eoannou

The "Buffalo System" of Building Champions was created and developed by Coach Dean Eoannou. Twenty four of Coach Dean's boxers (6 women/18 men) have won 43 championships and medals including: US National Golden Gloves Championships,  Ringside Masters World Championship and numerous Golden Gloves Championships. Coach Eoannou is certified by USA Boxing and for his significant long time contributions to the amateur sport of boxing he was inducted into the HALL OF FAME in 2018 by the Buffalo Veteran Boxers Association–Ring 44.

Eugene B. Kern, MD

"Doc” Kern graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Temple Medical School in Philadelphia, trained at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota as a surgeon and then served 2 years as a major in the US Air Force from 1968-1970. Dr. Kern was Professor of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery at Mayo Clinic for 33 years and currently teaches Nasal, Sinus and Facial Surgery at University at Buffalo in the Department of Ear Nose and Throat. Dr. Kern is not only a respected educator, but also one of the best rhinologic surgeons worldwide. He has contributed greatly to the understanding of rhinologic diseases and is a recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.


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