BOXING: Essential Skills BOOK

Would you like to learn how to box? 

BOXING: Essential Skills book and DVDs teaches essential boxing skills 

to men and women interested in learning the amateur sport of boxing. 

Boxing is learned. There are no naturals. 

The BOXING: Essential Skills book, photographs and companion DVDs (sold separately) are designed for teaching the essential boxing skills (footwork and punches) to both Right-Handed and Left-Handed (“south paw”) aspiring boxers. Since this is a book for beginners, only the essentials are taught, which includes footwork movements, offensive punching including the first 3 punches, the first 2-punch combinations, defensive blocks and counter punches plus the 3 essential angles needed to avoid being hit. These are the essential building blocks to becoming an accomplished boxer. Master all the lessons in this book and on the DVDs and we mean mastering ALL the lessons including physical conditioning, “Ring Drills”, sparring and SKILLS TESTS which MUST be passed and overseen by your COACH.