Wendy Casey

As far as Wendy Casey was concerned, her boxing career was over. Her last fight was May 17, 2008 when she defeated Ashley Barnett, a former National Champion. Casey decided to hang up the gloves and focus on her teaching career. Then she got a call from Coach Dean asking her to help him train a promising young fighter named Hannah Krueger. She agreed and soon found herself back in the ring.

After working with Krueger one night last spring, Casey, at Coach Dean's urging, sparred with Timi Akeredolu. Despite the 30-plus-pound weight difference, she nearly broke his nose.

“She lit Timi up, and I said,

‘That’s it, you’re fighting again!” Coach Dean recalls. 

Coach Dean & Wendy Casey

Casey began training hard last summer and says she’s ready to take another shot at boxing’s best. “I’m back to where I was. My style’s a little different, but I still have the same general mauling-bear fight that I used to,” she says. “I’ve always thought of myself as a bear: I like to eat, sleep and fight.”

Currently Casey is laser focused on her own career: she aims to earn a spot on the 2020 U.S. Olympic roster.


National Golden Gloves Champion